Drama Club

Drama Club: Is excited to be back after a long hiatus during the pandemic. This year, led by Ms. Smith and Ms. McInnis, the Drama Club will be presenting I Hate Shakespeare, a dramatic comedy inspired by the works of William Shakespeare. We are excited to have students from grades 9-12 involved in our production, and we will be working hard to bring dramatic arts back to SJC. Stay tuned for performance times in May!

Dance Club

Dance Club: This year SJC has started an afterschool Dance Crew and Artist Collective. The Dance Crew is open to all students who love to dance and move to music. The Artist Collective is a group of dancers who are looking to push themselves in learning new styles of dance and exploring their own artistry through movement. The club’s goal is to make dance accessible for all and to create a dance movie for the end of the year to be shared with friends, family, and the school community.

Volunteer Club

The Volunteer Club: Gives SJC students an opportunity to give back to our school and local community through various initiatives. Students look to elevate their power of volunteerism and civic engagement through a hands-on experience.